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Start with an objective, then determine how you will achieve the objective (strategy), assign responsibility, implement, follow up regularly and make changes to strategy when necessary. Strategy involves focus and therefore, choice. Choice means setting aside some goals in favor of others. Read More

IPS e.max delivers ultimate in metal-free aesthetics and strength After 20 plus years as an expert specializing in crown and bridge work, Ron Cox is quickly becoming  one of the leading certified IPS e.max Center and IPS Empress Center in the Northwest.  Many of the area’s most prominent dentists’ are working with Cox Dental Laboratory to provide patients with the latest state-of-the-art products, including Dr. Gayle James in Bothell, Washington. Over the last 4 years, studies from the Dental Advisor have shown that the IPS e.max dental system is a great alternative to the traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal/Gold (PFM) and gold ... Read More

ClearMatch System provides superior electronic picture   Gone are the days of having to rely solely on a handheld shade guide to handle front and back teeth custom shade cases.  Using the ClearMatch digital camera and software system, our team can create a more accurate color match versus the human eye. Custom Camera with Dental Arm The ClearMatch Software Analysis System uses high-resolution digital camera images and compares shades over the entire tooth with known reference colors.  The camera, a Cannon A 650 with a special lens and dental arm co-developed by Cox, ... Read More

PR practitioners face significant resource and budgets constraints amid the current economic environment.  Often times the impulse to purchase a media list or outsource to an agency may seem to be the prudent option based on limited internal resources.  Based on years of experience to create solid media lists by hand the old fashioned way, I strongly recommend that you devote the time and effort needed to either create or refresh your strongest component within a successful PR strategy. Media lists can be purchased or outsourced.  However, these are often expensive and more importantly outdated.  In addition, these options rob you ... Read More

Alliance Packaging, with headquarters in Washington State, is the Northwest's largest independent corrugated box manufacturer with a well deserved reputation for producing the very best in packaging products.  They also operate facilities located in Oregon, Idaho, and California, and sell their products throughout the United States and Western Canada. Alliance provides packaging solutions ranging from custom shipping containers to retail packaging, from stock boxes to in-store displays, from creative design to same day delivery service. The company has invested in resources to handle all aspects of their customers packaging ... Read More

It feels like we've discussed this topic before but it continues to present an issue for clients, primarily regarding Enterprise companies.  We're talking about PR content to share best practices without the support of the client.  In this case, a design firm created a dynamic mobile sales tool(app)for the iPad to provide a broad, quick overview of the company, management and product for one-to-one prospect meetings at a high profile industry conference.  The app provided 3 short videos along with a link that could be downloaded for later viewing.  Unbeknownst to the design firm or the client, the app quickly ... Read More

I was recently reading an article in a national PRSA newspaper regarding email guidelines to create content relationships with target media.  In addition to the usual 101 type recommendations, there was one tactic that caught my attention as a Sr media relations specialist with a long time record to build top tier editorial relationships to secure placements.  Using an email campaign service to track  click  through analytics to determine how much time editors read our email pitches, whether or not they forward to a colleague and which if any embedded links are visited.  Obviously these tools have been available for ... Read More

I was first introduced to the new trend to replace missing gingival tissue through one of my study clubs and recently completed my first case involving a full implant supported upper bridge.  Ironically, the case was one of the more challenging in my 20 plus years in the business.  The patient’s severe gum loss together with the limited option of pink porcelain presented an aesthetic dilemma. Fortunately, the GC Gradia system provided the optimal solution for the patient of Dr. Michael Johnson, located in Bellevue.    Read More

It was 1999' and I had recently been hired as Director of PR for, the DIY leader for home automation, entertainment and security products.  We had just launched the first remote software for our most popular wireless, color video camera, XCam2.  Prior to joining X10, I had spent almost two years as a member of the Microsoft Small Business PR team at Waggener Edstrom.  During my tenure, I had the opportunity to participate in the launch of a updated version of Small Business Server.  The PR tactics included face-to-face meetings with target press and analysts.  The results were impressive- ... Read More

Erika Napoletano has a great article in the June issue of Entrepreneur magazine regarding the continued use of "buzzspeak" among marketing and PR professionals. Her message is clear.  Use plain language.  Sounds easy.  For most of us at some point in our career, it's sometimes easier said than done.  Erika and I recommend the same formula to create key messages regardless of product or service, business or consumer, SMB or enterprise: 1) Who are you? 2) What do you do? 3) Why you're different? 4) Why they should care? Take for example a release today from Intel: Intel Introduces Cloud-Based Identity Solution for Salesforce and ... Read More