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If this is your first time really writing since school, don't worry, blogging won't hurt a bit. Don't Hesitate When inspiration strikes you have to write it down. Even if you don't publish it immediately you can always get back to it later. Get an app like Dragon Dictation to start posts or a tablet or whatever makes it easy for you. Stay On Topic Don't ramble, don't wander, make your points and get out. Make an outline, it always helps. Use Descriptive Words My high school English teacher used try and coax me into being using more elaborate descriptions, ... Read More

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The following are concepts for the look of the brochure, and general design directions for the possible future of the Genesee brand image.   Industry Standard: This first concept is basically a continuation of the current brand image. It is simple, to-the-point, and re-enforces the brand image that is currently associated with Genesee.   Heritage: This next concept is a vintage throwback, emphasizing Genesees' history and dedication to core values. We combine these themes with simple graphics to produce a local, hometown vibe but with a modern sense of design and execution. Read More

Ad Concepts

    Minimalist: product showcase These concepts stem from the simple idea of letting the product do the talking. Fresh asphalt, in and of itself, is exceptionally beautiful and using the ad space to offer a simple, detailed image of fresh asphalt will not only interrupt the generally chaotic nature of magazine advertisements, but it will draw in the viewer with it's attention to detail and quality. The customer is not bombarded with information, they are simply introduced to a beautiful image. Same approach with a clever tagline: Read More

Eliminate First

Before you bring something new home, to the office or the warehouse remove something first, in some cases remove truckloads. Look around, if you have not used it or touched it for two years or more sell it if you can or recycle it. Surround yourself with things that matter. A few things of beauty, utility and inspiration but keep a limit on it. Before you add a new procedure, process or system look for the obsolete first and remove them. Look for the clutter in your life and your business and eliminate it. Surround yourself with beauty, quality and utility and ... Read More

Brand Building Made Simple

A brand identity program encompasses a unique visual language that will express itself across all applications and touchpoints.  Regardless of the medium, the applications need to work in harmony. A touchpoint-driven program can lead to effective brand building, often without spending lots of money, because it can involve enhancing what the organization is currently doing. Read More

Brand Identity Made Simple

Informed by business and brand strategy it is tangible, appeals to the senses, you can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it, and watch it move. A set of tools designed to express the richness, texture and clarity of the brand. You can not win the hearts of customers unless you have a heart yourself. --Charlotte Beers, J. Walter Thompson Read More