PR Notes- PR Content without Client Testimonial

It feels like we’ve discussed this topic before but it continues to present an issue for clients, primarily regarding Enterprise companies.  We’re talking about PR content to share best practices without the support of the client.  In this case, a design firm created a dynamic mobile sales tool(app)for the iPad to provide a broad, quick overview of the company, management and product for one-to-one prospect meetings at a high profile industry conference.  The app provided 3 short videos along with a link that could be downloaded for later viewing.  Unbeknownst to the design firm or the client, the app quickly became a popular sales tool for the company worldwide.  The app is designed to close sales, not generate leads.  It’s a multi-media tool to leverage the heavy use of iPads and smart phones in lieu of PC- based traditional presentations.  By all indications, the client is pleased with the results, but is unable or unwilling to provide a testimonial.

Luckily, the design firm included language in the contract to retain PR rights to the project, company name, app and subsequent videos.  Therefore, the results speak for themselves without the need for additional client testimonial.

Thanks to their due diligence regarding PR rights and veteran design talents, the PR content is very compelling and lays the foundation for a whole new revenue stream to create and design mobile app sales tools.

This scenario provides important lessons learned regarding the ability to create PR content even when the client is unable or unwilling to participate.  Don’t let a vital opportunity to build your brand get left on the table due to improper planning or lack of testimonial.  You do great work.  Leverage it to expand your brand.