Cox Dental Lab Provides Dentists with High-Tech Tool to Match Tooth Shades

ClearMatch System provides superior electronic picture


Gone are the days of having to rely solely on a handheld shade guide to handle front and back teeth custom shade cases.  Using the ClearMatch digital camera and software system, our team can create a more accurate color match versus the human eye.

Custom Camera with Dental Arm
The ClearMatch Software Analysis System uses high-resolution digital camera images and compares shades over the entire tooth with known reference colors.  The camera, a Cannon A 650 with a special lens and dental arm co-developed by Cox, anchors three color references (shade tab, black, and white) to calibrate and determine the shade based on a selection of built-in industry shade guides.

The superior electronic pictures are easy to view on a monitor.  This is an excellent QA tool used in combination with a manual shade tab.  Select doctors with a camera in their office can also save an extra step to send me their images to expedite cases.
Whether the picture is captured in their office or at the lab, the system automatically creates an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for the patient and the case.  The ability to catalog patient records is part of our commitment to adopt the latest technologies to improve our products and services.


The ClearMatch system is vastly more accurate versus the human eye regarding shade color.  We all know that cases involving front teeth are often the most challenging.  Every tooth and case presents its own unique issues.  Matching tooth shades is far from an exact science.  That being said, the shades from the camera and built in software are amazingly accurate.

New Technology
Learning to deploy the latest technologies and products is a core business objective at Cox Dental Lab.
The team was among the first to utilize new 3D edit technology from Atlantis Technology to handle most implant abutment needs.    Cox also has adopted the GC Gradia Light-Cured Gum System to replace missing gingival tissue.  Our in-house Sirona Inlab MC XL Milling System provides the ability to control fit and case design without the need for outsourcing. The Sirona system enables the team to mill e.Max, zirconium sub-structures and many other products that will meet nearly all dentists’ metal-free needs.

This new technology has worked so well with several cases that I would strongly encourage all of my dentists and those we haven’t worked with yet to consider calling to discuss this option with me further. I would also encourage certain dentists interested in using the latest tools to consider purchasing the ClearMatch system.

About Cox
Cox specializes in most all crown and bridge needs, from simple to the most advanced cases. He works with some of the area’s top dentists. The lab is focused on producing the latest restoration of the highest standard from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitation cases.
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