IPS e.max delivers ultimate in metal-free aesthetics and strength After 20 plus years as an expert specializing in crown and bridge work, Ron Cox is quickly becoming  one of the leading certified IPS e.max Center and IPS Empress Center in the Northwest.  Many of the area’s most prominent dentists’ are working with Cox Dental Laboratory to provide patients with the latest state-of-the-art products, including Dr. Gayle James in Bothell, Washington. Over the last 4 years, studies from the Dental Advisor have shown that the IPS e.max dental system is a great alternative to the traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal/Gold (PFM) and gold ... Read More

ClearMatch System provides superior electronic picture   Gone are the days of having to rely solely on a handheld shade guide to handle front and back teeth custom shade cases.  Using the ClearMatch digital camera and software system, our team can create a more accurate color match versus the human eye. Custom Camera with Dental Arm The ClearMatch Software Analysis System uses high-resolution digital camera images and compares shades over the entire tooth with known reference colors.  The camera, a Cannon A 650 with a special lens and dental arm co-developed by ... Read More

Alliance Packaging, with headquarters in Washington State, is the Northwest's largest independent corrugated box manufacturer with a well deserved reputation for producing the very best in packaging products.  They also operate facilities located in Oregon, Idaho, and California, and sell their products throughout the United States and Western Canada. Alliance provides packaging solutions ranging from custom shipping containers to retail packaging, from stock boxes to in-store displays, from creative design to same day delivery service. The company has invested in resources to handle all aspects of their customers packaging ... Read More

I was first introduced to the new trend to replace missing gingival tissue through one of my study clubs and recently completed my first case involving a full implant supported upper bridge.  Ironically, the case was one of the more challenging in my 20 plus years in the business.  The patient’s severe gum loss together with the limited option of pink porcelain presented an aesthetic dilemma. Fortunately, the GC Gradia system provided the optimal solution for the patient of Dr. Michael Johnson, located in Bellevue.  www.bpdic.com    Read More

Dr. Matthew Bagnulo, like many of his colleagues, is constantly seeking options to help ease the budget pains due to reimbursement cuts on behalf of Washington Dental Services patients. For the last year and a half, he has collaborated with Cox Dental Lab to obtain more cost-effective crowns for routines cases. We asked the Dr. some questions regarding this very important issue. Q- How can you avoid having to pay more for crowns due to recent insurance re-imbursement cuts? Dr. Bagnulo- When WDS initiated the cuts; I had already been working with Ron and ... Read More

This month I wanted to recognize another successful collaboration with two of our strongest relationships, Sarnafil, Inc. and Wetherholt and Associates, to complete a tricky project for the historic Scargo Apartments, owned by Plymouth. Housing Group. For those of you unfamiliar with Plymouth, it has grown to be one of the largest providers of low-income housing in downtown Seattle.  With over 1,000 residents and 17 retail tenants in 12 buildings, Plymouth Housing Group today has an annual operating budget of $17 million. The Scargo/Lewiston Apartments needed a new roof.  Located in the heart of Belltown, the project presented two major challenges; Tearing ... Read More

It’s not often that a single company can achieve a Golden Anniversary and beyond.  Equally impressive, The Evans Company has tapped Stanley Roofing as a trusted resource starting in the 1960’s.  Since 2008, Stanley has installed roofing systems for all 10 of the existing buildings at the Snohomish Station Shopping center.  Phase 2 started this winter. Project Manager Ed Babbitt has been working with Stanley teams for all of his 32 years working at The Evans Company.  “Ray and his teams go above and beyond to maximize budget and timelines,” he said.  “Whether installing a new or replacement roofing system, I ... Read More

Ron Cox and his lab team are serving a growing list of dentist's implant work utilizing new Edit Technology associated with the Astra Tech Atlantis 3D Viewer. "For more than 5 years, we have continued to expand our working relationship with Atlantis technology to handle most implant abutment needs," said Ron. 'It's worked well as both parties have adopted new technologies to improve processes." Cox says the Edit Technology is a game changer to gain real-time control of pre-mill images. "I can login into the viewer to quickly and ... Read More

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church original foyer built in 1960's The challenge was clear; remove the old canopy entry of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church and replace with a new addition to complement the historical copper cladding. Even with years of combined experience, this would be the first sheet metal roof design for the team of Stanley Roofing, Foushee Construction and atelierjones Architects. "Stanley and the team were great to work with," said Susan Jones, atelierjones. "Together we were able to pull off the delicate balance to ensure functional quality and aesthetics compatible with the original hemmed copper shingles." Read More

Creating a beautiful atmosphere, entertaining guests and providing memorable experiences for loved ones was the vision the Baldridges had in mind prior to building their new home. From the beginnings of what was an empty lot, to the end result of a warm, welcoming home, the focus was "dinner parties and family gatherings" throughout the process. They hired Burke and Jeanne Barker of Empire Remodeling and Focus on Design to turn their vision into reality. "Jeanne was amazing because I had this concept, but it wasn't grounded," said Gena Baldridge. "She ... Read More