Who should brand?

Is branding the right step for you and your organization? Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

Would your company or product benefit from a clear identity and high awareness?

Have you been in business for some time but feel you lack consumer awareness and understanding about who you are and what you stand for?

Do you offer excellent products and services but feel that your target market does not know your name and or the unique benefits you offer?

Are people in your own company unclear about how to communicate your offerings, your uniqueness, your target market and how you are better than the competition?

When you look at how your company communicates through, advertising, marketing collateral, sales presentation material and at each customer touch point, do you recognize inconsistencies in the look, message and company personality being presented?

Are you and the leader(s) of your company prepared to devote time, staff, energy and money to develop, launch and grow your brand?

Finally, can you think of one reason why people should choose your product or service over the competition?  If your answer is a confident and absolute “yes” ask yourself one more question: Does your target market clearly comprehend the unique benefits you provide? I not, get to work and start building your brand.