What is a Brand?

It’s not that I get asked this question allot, more often than not I am told what a brand is, and it’s not that I know better than anyone else what a brand is, although I better Know something. It’s that this is a very critical aspect to business building, and to anyone who wishes to save an incredible amount of time and money. The truth is if you begin with the right assumptions and therefore develop the right best practices you can get off to a great start. It means that every stakeholder associated with the brand can have a clear understanding as to how they fit into the brand building process and their unique deliverable. This clarity and focus is at the heart of an organizing principle at the center of all great and enduring brands.

To begin with lets look at what I believe a brand is not:

A brand is not a great logo although most brands have them

A brand is not a great tag-line although some brands have them

A brand is not a great idea even though great ideas are important

A brand is not the result of a great marketing plan, but they sure do help

So what is a brand? If we can get this, comprehend this, understand this and therefore begin our own search for the answer for our own brand, and at some point we get it right, then we have a chance of being a part of something truly remarkable, exciting,  important and meaningful. To get this right is to have at the center of our work something so beautiful in it’s simplicity and authenticity that it can change the world.

A brand is a promise!

A good brand is a promise kept!

A poor brand is a promise broken!

Brands are promises that consumers believe in!

All the Best!

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gary miklethun
October 16th, 2010 on 3:23 pm

Hey Tom , I like your new web page , I enjoyed our talk about branding. I am excited about the next few years of bussines. call me