What Brands Do

Brands are allot like you and me, they build trust and emotional attachments with people who matter to them. As a result they nurture relationships between customers and products or services that withstand pricing wars, transcend offers from new and old competitors and can overcome rare lapses in product or service expectations.

And like you and I the best brands don’t want  just to be known and trusted, (however that is a good start) no, we want to be loved as well and great brands are loved.

My kids have stickers plastered on their motorcycles, guitar cases, on the walls of there rooms. I still wear a white t-shirt with the old STP logo in the center. Ludwig, Schwinn, Pioneer, Teac, Maxell and Technics are brand’s with strong emotional ties in my life.  We all have seen brands tattooed permanently everywhere imaginable on peoples bodies.  Only brands that build strong emotional ties with customers make their way into the hearts, minds and car windows!