Video Production Woodinville

At THOMAS CENTER we can help with your video project be it small or large. We can help set you up to create inexpensive videos that can be uploaded to youTube and positioned on your website. At THOMAS CENTER we have three levels of video production.

Level 1: Street- This is the down and dirty fast and easy production process applied to many situations where this approach is ideal. This level has a live newsreel look and feel that works great with video blogs, quick product or service updates, customer testimonials and location event videos such as trade shows.

Level 2: Polish: This level includes the higher quality cameras and equipment such as sound and lighting.

Level 3: Sophistication: This level encompases the finest in production values and often includes a studio shoot with talent and equipment intended to operate with the sophistication this type of project requires. From television commercials, company history profiles and documentry style videos.

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