Tom Rose – (Brand Identity, Brand Strategy)

Tom Rose is beginning his 17th year as CEO, Thomas Center Business and Management Consulting, located in Woodinville, Washington.  Most clients have been with him for more than 10 years.  Tom’s unique approach is founded on the principle of collaboration.

Over the years, he has successfully worked together with owners and stakeholders to help solve challenges, take advantage of opportunities and explore exit strategies.  His clients are noteworthy for their willingness to realize not all goals and objectives can be achieved utilizing internal resources.

Tom is an expert at diagnosis through his patented brand assessment.  Upon its completion, he provides immediate access to the knowledge, talent and expertise to accomplish the desired outcomes.  Tom’s surgical approach includes Sales and Marketing, PR, Finance, HR, Production, Project Management and Capital campaigns.

Tom’s client base is diverse while maintaining a commitment to only work with one brand per market, even if it maintains a national presence.   Current clients include The Sign Factory,( Millennium Motors, ( )Regional Building Maintenance Company, ( ) and Cox Dental Lab ( )

Prior to founding Thomas Center in 1994, Tom owned a successful mortgage company, American Mutual, located in Lynwood, Washington.  The firm grew to over 100 employees and three branches in less than two years.  For most of the 80’s, Tom managed a Financial Services Branch specializing in Commercial Leasing for a subsidiary of Gulf & Western Oil Company.

Tom is a native of Washington State, raised in Hoodsport and lives in Woodinville with his wife and kids.  When he’s not engaged in helping companies establish and leverage a strong brand, Tom enjoys skiing in the winter, listening to music on his custom hi-fi stereo from the 70’s, playing drums and tinkering with his guitar.