Thomas Center Partnership with CFO Seattle Important Milestone to Clients’ Financial Success

Experts enable finances to become integral component of business strategy

Tom Rose has spent countless hours with clients that struggle to utilize their financial statement to assist in running the business.  His experience has shown that hiring and retaining a solid controller, COO or CFO is often unattainable, especially for organizations in the small and mid-market space.  Conversely, it’s rare for an owner to possess the skills needed to navigate financial reports to become an integral component of business strategy.

“Paul Kruglik and his team at CFO Seattle is the perfect match for our clients,” said Tom.  “Their strategic experts understand the key information to establish important benchmarks and create the analysis tools to help take a company to the next level.”

CFO Seattle started during the depths of the recession when many small to mid size companies were out of cash and sales pipelines were stressed.  Their teams worked with clients to create and implement a financial strategy to navigate the downturn.  “We helped in treasury management, cost control, strategic and growth planning as well as generally defining what the “new normal” looked like for them,” said Paul.  “By focusing on building ample reserves and reassessing their operations and teams, many of these clients now find themselves well positioned to take advantage of the recovery.”

Kruglik says many of the same companies, including current and future Thomas Center clients, are now in a pro-growth mode.  He says CFO Seattle can work with Tom and his clients to create a financial roadmap to achieve the desired growth.  “We have already successfully teamed with Tom to bring a holistic approach to expansion.  While we focus on the finances, Tom and his folks implement the branding/marketing campaign.”

Tom Rose is beginning his 17th year as CEO, Thomas Center Business and Management Consulting, located in Woodinville. Most clients have been with him for more than 10 years. Tom’s unique approach is founded on the principle of collaboration. Over the years, he has successfully worked together with owners and stakeholders to help solve challenges, take advantage of opportunities and explore exit strategies. His clients are noteworthy for their willingness to realize not all goals and objectives can be achieved utilizing internal resources.

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