Thomas Center Helps Woodinville Company Re-Invent Business/Sales up 300%

Custom Contract Embroidery reaps benefits of implementing brand fundamentals

(Woodinville, WA) December XX, 2010—Like many small business owners, Nathan and Shelley Hood had too much work and not enough profits.  Their custom apparel business faced a crossroads; either shut down or re-invent.  The two knew that production had peaked, financial records were sketchy and marketing was non-existent.  They needed a plan and found THOMAS CENTER Business and Management Consulting after conducting an online search query in Woodinville.

“Tom Rose and his team provided the starting point we needed to implement a brand instead of always operating in a reactive mode,” said Shelley.  “His calm, rational approach was exactly the right formula to help us lay a foundation to expand and have lives outside of work.”

Rose immediately initiated a finance and marketing review as part of an overall brand assessment.  The financial books have been cleaned up and a working P&L is in place.  As for marketing, a competitive analysis and brand awareness exercise has resulted in a new website design and social media campaign.  Since August, sales have increased roughly 300%.

“Tom and his team have helped us completely turn around the business,” said Shelley.  “We are producing twice as much and working less.  Tom has provided us with the vision and expertise to transform processes and increase brand awareness.”

Thomas Center prides itself on serving only companies with a vision to achieve or maintain a leading position in their market space.  Our experts collaborate with management to take brands to their next level.  Our relationship is built first and foremost on trust.  Many of our clients have been with Thomas Center for more than 10 years.  Equally important, we only work with one brand per market space.

“Shelley and Nathan are the type of owners that are best suited to benefit from our brand expertise,” said Tom Rose, CEO, THOMAS CENTER Business and Management Consulting.  “I’m confident this collaboration will result in a leading brand for years to come.”

“I’m so impressed with Tom that I’ve already referred  5 other business owners,” said Shelley.

The standard entry point for potential clients is a complimentary Brand Assessment conducted by our experts.  This short exercise enables you to experience first-hand the customer brand experience to ensure awareness; consideration, purchase and brand experience are aligned to maximize your brand promise.  Once completed, you have the option to implement in-house or together with the Thomas Center team.

To schedule your brand assessment, visit or contact Tom  at 206.795.0921