Thomas Center Forges Alliance with Left Brain Specialist-“Extremely Good Sales Lead Hunter”

   Rick Blythe expert to design and implement initial sales process

Tom Rose believes many of us are right brain thinkers.  “Most sales organizations are emotional, conceptual and relational,” says Tom.  “It’s what makes us successful to build long-term client relationships.”  Rose also believes that some owners and managers lack another critical element in their organizations- a left brain thinker.  He characterizes this person as the one with an unemotional approach to the sales process; the analytics professional.

To provide Thomas Center clients with the expertise to remove emotion to review, design and implement a system to maximize sales processes and metrics, Tom has forged an alliance with Rick Blythe Consulting.  Rick Blythe specializes in the initial phase of the sales process.  His focus is lead generation and appointment setting.

“I’m the sales mechanic who performs a thorough check-up to determine the health of the crank and gears to generate leads and set appointments,” said Rick.  “Once completed, I collaborate with the sales managers to design and implement a system for processes and metrics.”

Rick is not your typical sales process/metrics consultant.  He serves as on-site coach to review leads lists (Market), sales scripts (Tools), time spent (Process) and tracking mechanisms (Metrics) to maximize each process. “I really enjoy picking up the phone,” said Rick.  “I have a wide breadth of experience and work with clients on a daily basis in the sales trenches. I’m an extremely good hunter!”


1) Ensure your CRM is filled with appropriate prospects.
2) Ensure critical sales activities are performed and tracked.
3) Evaluate and customize interactions with prospects to reflect their current nurture stage.

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