The Sign Factory’s 2011 Business Objectives Pose Toughest Challenges Yet for Thomas Center: Help Triple Sales, Raise Capital

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Long-term relationship results in transformation to multi-faceted company

Jim Risher, President of The Sign Factory ( ), recalls that Tom Rose approached him in the winter of 2006’ when he didn’t know what he didn’t know.   What Jim knows now is that his collaboration with Thomas Center Business and Management Consulting has resulted in achieving short term business goals year after year to transform his company into a full-service soup-to-nuts brand signage firm.

“Tom helped me create goals, identify obstacles and implement systems utilizing a team of outside experts,” said Jim. “We literally started with the basics.  Tom stressed the importance of educating myself and pointed me to the proper resources.”

Together with Tom’s guidance and network of surgical experts, the two have eliminated many of the obstacles to create a solid infrastructure spanning finance, operations, sales and marketing and raising capital.

“We have instituted processes and procedures in crucial areas of the business to enable essential functions such as reporting and measurement,” said Jim.  “Tom has proved extremely valuable to help keep me focused on the big picture and continue to move us in the right direction.”

Jim says based on their prior success, he has decided to pursue two aggressive goals this year with the help of Thomas Center.  “I’m committed to tripling our sales from last year, which was very successful and complete a private capital campaign,” he said.  Jim has referred several colleagues to Tom, including multi-year client Robert Beck, owner, Millennium Motors ( ), Monroe Washington.

“Jim has been an amazing client to work with over the years and has challenged me as much as I have him,” said Tom Rose, CEO, THOMAS CENTER Business and Management Consulting.  “He’s had the foresight and willingness to open his company to achieve success.  This is exactly the type of firm our team is best suited to help reach the next level. “

Thomas Center prides itself on serving only companies with a vision to achieve or maintain a leading position in their market space.   The standard entry point for potential clients is a complimentary Brand Assessment conducted by our experts.  This short exercise enables you to experience first-hand the customer brand experience to ensure awareness; consideration, purchase and brand experience are aligned to maximize your brand promise.

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