“The Perfect Circle” and Your Top Line!

The Top Line

Oh Boy! the top line sure ain’t what it used to be! The words of a business owner as we talked about the goals of his brand. Like most of us, the last two years have pummeled the brands revenues, in this case  40% decline. As we talked about the brand and its target market, buyer persona’s and channels used to reach them a common theme has emerged. What worked in the past is not enough anymore. For those owners and managers of brands who are still committed to growth something has to change. The truth is in the pre 2008 economy you could be sloppy with your marketing and heck maybe do no marketing (branding) at all. We took allot for granted, things like customers who were willing to pay for our products and services.

The Perfect Circle

 What all of our brands have “and if were lucky enough to still be in business to this day” is influence. Our brands are influential with employees, vendors,  customers and the community at large. The question is how much influence does our brand have, and how do we consistently increase the brands influence. In order to influence someone communication must occur, it could be verbal or nonverbal, in print, video etc. The point is that there is a relationship between the number of people you influence (in communication with/connected to) and your top line. Increase the number of people in your circle of influence that matches your revenue objectives and you now have what I call “The Perfect Circle” the perfect circle of influence. The factors determining the number you must have under your influence to reach your objectives are as follows:

1. Revenue Objective: The bigger the number the more connections you will need.

2. Your Ideal Customer: Take the time to truly get real about who your customer really is, not maybes, but instead look back see where your customers came from and get focused and targeted. If your marketing is not well targeted you will have to overcompensate in the form of more connections.

3. Quality of Brand Experience: The better your customers experience the fewer connections you will need. If the experience is inconsistent you will have to overcompensate in the form of more connections.

4. Quality of Brand Message: A consistent quality expression of your brand identity, personality, promises, logo, tag line and overall content again will allow you to get more from less.

5. Market Conditions: In a hot economy the number you need in your circle will of course be less, however you must practice influence building in every economy. If your brand does not stay fit and sharp and consistently build your connection database you will eventually get caught short and it will cost you dearly. It takes a consistent and disciplined marketing culture in your business to insure that you and your people are capturing contact information on every contact. If you wait until you have to do it, it may just be too late.

The attention and dedication you give to building your database of connections followed up with consistent quality content in the form of newsletters and or social media posts will pay of big time. It will also set you apart from the pack and give you the privilege to play at the next level at whole new field and game.