Telecom Veteran Creates Million Dollar Company Providing Services to Industry Leaders

Thomas Center plays vital role in meteoric rise of PacTel Solutions

The year was 2003.  Harold Beck and his initial partner knew the business of providing telecom services to industry giants such as Verizon, Qwestand Frontier.  What he didn’t know was how to organize his own company.  His partner found Tom Rose at Thomas Center Business andManagement Consulting in the yellow pages.  Since then Harold’s company has grown to more than a million dollars in sales and a staff of almost 60 people.

“In the beginning, Tom was able to walk us through his formula to create not only business goals but maybe even more importantly a vision of the company that complimented personal goals for me and my partner,” said Beck.  “From there we worked on the concept of effective leadership based on agreed upon principles and values.  The result was an S Corp that provided ownership opportunities to employees in exchange for a commitment to help us grow.”

Beck says there has definitely been adversity over the years, including changes in top management.  “Some businesses would have folded, but Tom was very instrumental to help us stay focused and not give up,” he said.  “He’s done a tremendous job of keeping us on course to continue to build the foundations needed for success.”

Now that the adversity is behind them, Harold and Tom are focused this year on expanding the customer base, putting additional resources into branding and establishing administration policies and procedures such as an operations manual, employee handbook and contract templates.

“Harold’s journey is a testament to the success a business can achieve when they are able to collaborate with outside experts for the long-term,” said Tom Rose, CEO, THOMAS CENTER Business and Management Consulting.  “I’m so excited for Harold and his team and look forward to even bigger accomplishments this year.”

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