Suite Restaurant and Bar in Downtown Bellevue Hyatt Features Extraordinary Furniture from Bellevue Eastside Upholstery

Owner referred by longtime client and interior designer Vicki Elkins

The Suite Restaurant and Bar in the downtown Bellevue Hyatt does not look and feel like your typical environment.  Owner Keith Olson and his team wanted to create an unmatched setting featuring phenomenal furniture and accessories custom designed and built to their specifications.  Designer Vicki Elkins knew who to recruit—her longtime friend Kim Sparks and her team at Bellevue/Eastside Upholstery.

Keith and his team wanted to go big—remarkable specialized bench and booth seating as well as custom door panels and drapes.  Every item was to be handmade built-to-order.   Kim worked together with “top-of-the-line” frame maker Mark at Wood Werks.

There were numerous challenges such as maximizing the seating space, customizing each piece for ultimate comfort, enabling pieces to be easily maintained and re-done without interfering with daily operations, and on-site upholstery needs.

“This was an exciting project for us and Keith was great to work with,” said Kim.  “He definitely knew the direction he wanted to go, the materials to get him there and always made himself available to answer any of our questions throughout the process.  By clearly defining what they wanted and what we could provide it made the project go very smoothly and meet critical timelines.  We provided in-shop custom pieces as well as on site upholstery work ranging from finishing banquette seating to upholstering under the bar.   We look forward to Keith’s next restaurant!”

For more than a quarter century, the talented artisans at Bellevue Eastside Upholstery have helped clients bring new life and top quality to their valued pieces and establishments.  To learn more please visit