Sign Factory Pushes Status Quo to Create First Solar Powered Sign in Pacific Northwest

August 20, 2010 — At first glance the challenge seems insurmountable. Design and engineer from original concept a solar powered sign at the entrance to Eastern Washington University located in Cheney Washington to last 100 years.

“This will be a huge endeavor,” said Jim Risher, President, Sign Factory. “The university is seeking to highlight their efforts toward sustainability and a smaller carbon footprint.”

The project is complicated enough by itself. What makes it even more challenging is the environment in Eastern Washington. The sign will need to contain its own gigantic storage capacity to provide power during the long winter months of darkness.

The Sign Factory won the business after the university received bids from companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Work is underway and the project is expected to be completed by mid October. “I am not aware of any sign company in the Pacific Northwest that has taken on a solar powered sign in a tough environment,” said Risher. “We look forward to creating this prototype to serve as a sustainable energy model for the future.”