Q&A- Dr. Matthew Bagnulo/Kirkland Dentist Finds Re-imbursement Help from Cox Dental Lab

Dr. Matthew Bagnulo, like many of his colleagues, is constantly seeking options to help ease the budget pains due to reimbursement cuts on behalf of Washington Dental Services patients. For the last year and a half, he has collaborated with Cox Dental Lab to obtain more cost-effective crowns for routines cases. We asked the Dr. some questions regarding this very important issue.

Q- How can you avoid having to pay more for crowns due to recent insurance re-imbursement cuts?

Dr. Bagnulo- When WDS initiated the cuts; I had already been working with Ron and his team. He understood the pressure to bring down lab expenses in light of the reduced payments. Ron offered to provide posterior e.max crowns at a more cost-effective rate. It’s worked great. In fact, I have increased the amount of cases with his lab.

Q- What type of cases fit into this model?

Dr. Bagnulo- This is a great option for most routine cases, although within a limited range. We’re talking about posterior crowns outside of the cosmetic zone. Ron and his team can produce an e.max crown with a basic shade at less cost.

Q- How much of your crown business falls within these criteria?

Dr Bagnulo- I would estimate that 75-80% of all crown work will apply to this option.

Q-Can you share an example of other cases that don’t fit this model that Cox has been able to handle?

Dr. Bagnulo- Fortunately, I’ve been able to collaborate with Ron on more challenging cases in addition to the re-imbursements. The advantage is that he can handle most all cases to help satisfy patient needs, even complex high-touch cases. Those do involve a little more costs.

Cox specializes in most all crown and bridge needs, from simple to the most advanced cases. He works with some of the area’s top dentists such as Dr. Bagnulo Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Kirkland. The lab is focused on producing the latest restoration of the highest standard from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitation cases.

“This option has worked so well with Dr. Bagnulo that I recently added another dentist to the program,” said Ron.”I would strongly encourage all of my dentists and those we haven’t worked with yet to consider calling to discuss this option with me further.”

In 2008, Ron started Cox Dental Laboratory to continue to fulfill his passion for dental restorations. With the recent expiration of a contractual agreement, Ron is now available to also serve former Totem Lake Dental Lab clients. “I’m really looking forward to the chance to reconnect with some former clients. I want them to know that they can contact me anytime to discuss any restorative case.”

For more information, visit us at www.coxdentallab.com or call 425-402-4774.