PR Update; Landing a Business Story

In the age of Internet news, many major metro newspapers have been forced to dramatically shrink budgets, resources and space devoted to business news.  In light of these developments, regional business journals can provide an excellent target to share best practices and industry trends with clients and prospects.

Similar to the major newspapers, regional business pubs face similar space issues but often dedicate space to feature stories regarding how companies continue to thrive and grow in the face of challenges.  Recently I worked with a client to pitch and secure one such feature.  In order to even submit a pitch to this particular paper, the company must have at least two employees, have been in business at least two years and be willing to disclose their gross sales for 2010 and projected sales for 2011.

If the company meets the criteria, the pitch should focus on three key messages related to the company’s success in the middle of a recession.  Examples in this case include 20 percent revenue growth, making significant investments in technology and continuing to earn accolades from premier industry clients.  Once secured, it’s a good idea for the PR person to host and facilitate the on-site interview and handle all editorial follow up.  The end result is a high profile feature to help position the company as a leader in their market, build long-term client loyalty and convert prospects.