PR Success with Media Often Depends on Local Content

Consider this scenario: You’re company’s products and services are breaking new ground in their respective industries and the boss seeks media coverage in a number of key regional markets. You write a press release focused on the new solution to a business challenge or opportunity and send to target editors in each market.

Their response,if you’re lucky to reach them by phone, is tepid at best. What happened? The “game” has changed in recent years. The constriction of space and staff due to the Internet has increased pressure on newspapers to go local. National coverage is left to AP, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.

The key to secure coverage in these markets is local content. It often takes time and patience to work with product marketing and sales, but the payoff can be huge. You can integrate into beta customers testing new products or solicit key customers benefiting from the solution. Identify key customers for each target market to vastly increase your chances of high profile local coverage.