PR Notes- Study: Twitter Best Social Media Strategy for Professionals

Many organizations believe their Social Media Strategy must include FB and Twitter.  According to a recent study published on PR Newswire, people share press release more often on FB, but sharing on Twitter drives more traffic.  Items on Twitter drove about 30% more views than on FB, perhaps because people often use Twitter for news and business purposes.

I couldn’t agree more with the theory that news/business content is best suited for Twitter.  I am currently working with a client that represents professional associations.  An upcoming high-profile conference provides an excellent opportunity to promote a Twitter engagement campaign before, during and post event.  This particular group of professionals are less apt to participate in a FB environment free of filters.

An exclusive Twitter following for these folks provides a safe, simple and professional communication tool to share the latest developments and best practices in  their discipline.  It can not only create new users but also re-engage current followers.  In this case, my recommendation is to focus on Twitter and a related blog and skip FB altogether.

Next time you have the chance to create or review Social Media Strategy for a professional organization, take a moment to evaluate the benefits of Twitter versus FB.  As in the case of the recent study, you may find Twitter to be the best communication tool.

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