PR Notes- Reminder- Media Coverage is NOT Risk Free

I was recently reminded of the chasm between the editorial world and our passion for the company, product or service we represent. In a perfect world, editors would have the same focus and passion. News Flash- It’s not a perfect world for the media or anyone else. Translation- Media often get it wrong.

We need to have an honest discussion with upper level management regarding this fact. In my opinion, there are no guarantees. I recently secured a high profile local news column in a major metro newspaper. The reporter is a pro and well read. However, in her world of too much information and not enough space, the final product contained some errors.

Upon further review, I suggested to the group highlighted that the visibility was a chance to reach more people and help communicate the truth. I’m not sure my counsel helped. The truth is that media coverage is like a body of water that one day is calm and the next choppy. Make sure your clients understands the risks before heading into the water.

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