PR Notes- PR/Marketing Content Often Missing Call-to-Action

Many of us create great PR/Marketing content under the assumption that it will compel clients and prospects to automatically take the next step. Based on experience, with all due respect to target audiences, that is more often not the case.

Take for example, your website homepage. It often is full of great content espousing the features/benefits of your products/solutions and even testimonials from satisfied clients. However, what often is missing is the Call-to-Action. In other words, what do you want them to do next? It’s easy to say,” Purchase.”

Purchasing is often not the first Call-to-Action, depending on the specific product or service. The first action can be completing a short profile, visiting a social media page or learning more information. It’s imperative to create PR/Marketing content that provides simple steps to lead the prospect or customer to their own conclusion to buy.

In the non-profit sector, a client and I are exploring the idea of a Call-to-Action in the form of signing the “I care enough” pledge to educate family, friends and children at risk of HIV infection to get tested in honor or World AIDS Day 2011.

Don’t make the assumption your clients and prospects pay as much attention as you do and know the next step. Provide the road map for them.