PR Notes- PR Content More Than Press Releases

Press releases are still the PR norm for traditional companies seeking to issue formal statements, e.g. new product/service announcement and financial results.  While still an effective PR tool, their sole use is no longer the most effective option to leverage PR content.  When it comes to strategic PR content, several other avenues exist to communicate with target audiences.

Ask a typical reporter whether or not they pay attention to the hundreds if not thousands of releases issued daily and you’ll likely get the same answer- Are you kidding me?  Their initial interest is often peaked by a tip which then takes them to a company website.  Is your website/social media pages ready to provide easy-to-find, short, simple explanations of your products/services and best clients?  PR content can help.  I have had success with providing short, news-based challenge/opportunity/solution pieces in the following areas:

1) About Us/Services- I recommend providing information on how your product/service provides a unique solution to a challenge or opportunity in less than 3 paragraphs.  About Us is a great place to emphasize history, scope and breath of product/service and leading clients.

2) Homepage News Section-Highlight 3 latest client/product/business success stories- These are NOT testimonials.  I personally believe that testimonials are ineffective due to a lack of context and content.  These are focused on how your product/service provided a solution to a challenge or opportunity that prospects can relate too in their own company.

3) Social Media Pages- headlines and select content from Success stories can also be posted on FB and create Twitter content to peak interest and drive traffic to website .

These tips can help customers, prospects and media quickly and easily obtain relevant information to make informed decisions.