PR Notes- Picking Up Phone Remains Best Media Relations Tactic

I was reminded once again the value of taking the time to conduct strategic media calls on behalf of clients.  My successful M.O. for quite some time has been to send an email pitch followed up by a phone call.  I stopped leaving VM’s years ago but will make several strategically timed attempts to reach an editor.  Last Friday was a perfect example of the “unexpected fruits of the “personal touch.”  I was able to reach an editor at the premier business journal in our area to discuss a local story pitch.  The end results were positive and unanticipated at the same time.

Even though my pitch wasn’t a good fit at the moment, the interaction created an opportunity for me to do an E-intro with another PR professional to discuss a future story of interest to the editor.  During our call, the editor also mentioned that he was in need of a company for a regular small business feature.  The original choice fell through and the deadline was near.  I was able to collaborate with Tom Rose to identify a client who met the criteria.  Once contacted, the client was excited to participate.  By that afternoon the company had been selected and the CEO had completed a phone interview.  After some standard follow up, the article should print before the end of the month.

It’s easy for PR professionals to avoid the phone to rely on email, social media and wire services to capture the attention of target media.  The success of my call last Friday is yet another example of the power to make the extra effort, personalize the process and build long-term relationships.

Picking up the phone remains my best media relations tactic.