PR Notes- November Great Timing for Seasonal PR Campaigns

I’ve mentioned before the “gift” from the PR gods regrading seasonal campaigns.  Fall Back to School is a classic for retailers and home repair companies.  Halloween and Thanksgiving speak for themselves.  The dawn of November kicks off two more; Holiday Gift Ideas, usually by price category; and New Year’s Resolutions.  At minimum, these opportunities are great for website content, electronic newsletters and sales/marketing collateral.  In addition, many target media could also be interested in the content.

One of the easiest PR ideas is the Holiday Gift List.  These are often created by editors several months in advance so it may be too late for print publications.  However, it likely isn’t too late for smaller local outlets and online.  The best strategy is to pitch your product or service as part of a category, such as Under $50, $50-99, $100-250, $250-500 and $500 plus.  This is also a great chance to leverage products/services from vendors and partners to create some joint PR/Marketing campaigns.

Believe it or not, it’s not too early for New Years Resolution campaigns.  Again, think in trends or categories to include more than just your product/services.  For example, if you’re in the Health/Fitness industry, work with vendors and partners to create Top 5 ways to start the New Year with a Healthy Lifestyle.

These seasonal campaigns are often referred to as “low hanging fruit” and can successfully increase your exposure to target audiences via increased and diversified media coverage.