PR Notes- My 2012 PR Resolutions

Even the most seasoned and successful of us can take a moment to reflect on the year’s campaigns to determine areas of improvement.  I can state with a degree of professional satisfaction that the year was a success regarding PR content and secured media placements on behalf of both client bases- companies and media.  That being said, I vow to make the following nuanced improvements in 2012:

#5- No Tease/Email– Based on the strength of my long-term media relationships, even I can assume too much interest and attention on their behalf.  I specifically recall a recent local campaign in which I attempted to “spoon feed” event info over a 2-3 week period.  A media contact, and good friend, returned from vacation, having only glanced at the latest thread.  It became apparent that even the best contacts do not have the time or interest to follow multiple email threads.

#4- Broadcast- Assignment board=win-Securing placement on a local assignment board can be considered a victory even if unable to provide day of coverage.  Media Alerts help to build editorial relationships for future coverage.

#3- Not all PR content is placement worthy- These days, I counsel clients to create their own PR content for website, electronic newsletters and social media pages.  Media placement is icing on the cake and not always the best outcome.

#2- Focus on clients/prospects-The clients with the most success focus PR/Marketing content on existing clients and prospects.  At the same time, continue to build email database and social media pages for electronic monthly stories featuring solutions to common challenges/opportunities.

#1- One email pitch/Media- My number one resolution is to create media email pitches that tell the story in 2-3 paragraphs without bullets focused on data points or management comments…the real stories feature how people are directly impacted by solutions to challenges and or opportunities in their lives and professions.


Happy New Year!