PR Notes- Media Alert Attracts Attention of Local TV News

Sometimes it doesn’t take breaking or hard news to attract the attention of local TV news. In fact, just the opposite may be a better pitch. These days, news casts are full of what I like to call, “doesn’t make you feel good” stories. TV news assignment editors are always on the look out for “feel good” local stories, often referred to as “filler.”

I recently issued a Media Alert for the first annual Seattle AIDS Walk Pub Crawl on Capitol Hill. The event was basically a clever way to promote a fundraiser for the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. After follow up calls to TV, radio and print, I received a call from KING 5 news. The result was a live standup interview with the CEO.

A long shot turned out good for both parties. Although not every event is worthy of a Media Alert, consider the exercise the next time a “feel good” story comes along regarding your company, clients, products and services.