PR Notes- How to Conduct Q4′ Strategic Marketing Review

Whether you’re company is a start-up or well-established profitable business, Q4 is an excellent time to conduct a strategic marketing review.  I suggest a team consisting of execs from all departments participate.  You can examine 3 key areas:

1- Corporate Marketing- What is your corporate brand?  How do you communicate( 3 key messages) who the company is/what the company does/why anyone should pay attention?  Who are your audiences? e.g.- customers/clients, vendors/partners, investors, etc.  Do your 3 key brand messages pertain to each audience or do you need to amend?

2- Product/Service Marketing- Utilizing your corporate brand messaging, what are the 3 key messages that position your product(s)/service(s) as a leading solution to common challenge/opportunity?

3- Event Marketing- In the case of a non-profit, how do you amend the key messages to include a Call-to-Action…e.g. – donating to a cause.

This exercise can create uniform messaging for both external audiences and internal employees.  It’s often best to employ the services of a marketing professional to conduct these sessions.