PR Notes- Hiring Writer Versus PR Professional

A recent exchange with a colleague could serve as a future litmus test to determine the best option to create PR content utilizing outside resources when needed.  My colleague had requested a “proposal” to write content for a client to include case studies and blog posts.  The work would include a combination of refreshing content, writing content with topic/research provided and writing content from scratch. Content writers as very affordable in the current economic environment.  The question to ask is whether or not the writer has the skills and experience needed to create strategic content.

Strategic PR content will build and maintain vital relationships with key audiences, including media to help achieve sales and marketing objectives.  As a senior-level PR professional and member of the Thomas Center team, I collaborate with clients and other team members to help create strategy, objectives, messages and target audience(s) that drive content.

I utilize my news background to blend key messages and best practices/thought leadership to maximize content across all mediums, including website, e-newsletter and social media to engage industry evangelists and media.  The strategy is to position Thomas Center Clients as a leader in their respective field.  The objective is to create measurable audience engagement and target media placements at the same time.

In my experience, freelance content writers are often detached from the strategic components noted above that are vital to PR success.  The next time you seek outside content resources, take a moment to consider your objectives and status of PR strategy.  It’s worth a free consultation with Thomas Center to help ensure success.