PR Notes- Fall Stories Ripe for Media

PR people salivate over the chance to pitch seasonal stories.  You may not think you’re product or service is relevant but it might be worth taking a second look.  For example. Fall is a great time for a client who specializes in helping homeowners deal with mold and water issues which may have gone unnoticed during the warmth of our Pacific NW summer:) Although this client is on the front lines, his product and services are not necessarily proprietary.  He likely utilizes a network of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers to do his work.  Maybe your company provides one of those products or services.  These seasonal pieces provide a great chance to leverage timely news with the solutions you provide to a clients business challenge or opportunity.  In other words, the water and mold company could not do their work without finding the proper products and services.  Once completed, a short news story can be posted online, featured in a monthly electronic newsletter, and in this case pitched to specific media outlets.  PR professionals are always seeking new options to communicate key messages.  Inserting your company into a seasonal news story could be an easy target.