PR Notes- External Research Versus Internal Knowledge

A colleague recently asked me to submit a proposal to create PR content for case studies and blog posts.  She requested I provide two fee schedules; one for content with topic/research provided and one for content from scratch.  I was provided with some  potential topic and research links as well.  After reviewing the information, it dawned on me how sometimes PR professionals often seek outside content versus the opportunity to leverage internal knowledge.  I recommended to waive the external research for the option to conduct a short phone interview with the PM regarding recent trends, best practices and thought leadership within the company and industry.

In my experience, decision makers are more apt to pay attention to short pieces focused on how colleagues are implementing the elements above to solve pressing business challenges and opportunities.  While some research-related data can be compelling, it often fails to make a lasting impression.  We are constantly bombarded with unfathomable statistics on a daily basis.  Due to saturation, most of us are no longer able to attach any relevant meaning to their own business environment.

The sales and marketing team members as well as the Pres/CEO are best suited to identify the important trends, best practices and thought leadership driving the industry.  This information is authentic, compelling and different from the static data and verbiage used by most companies to create sales and marketing collateral.  If you’re not tapping into the knowledge of internal experts, you could be missing a golden opportunity to communicate the unique value proposition of your product or service.  Take the time to ask smart questions and listen to glean key messages.  It could be the best strategy of all.