PR Notes- Examining External PR Resources

A large number of companies in my opinion operate “under staffed” PR/Marketing departments.  Often times, it’s a department of one.  In most cases, one person is simply not adequate to create and successfully execute a variety of PR/Marketing campaign focused on products/services.  For some, there could be an option to leverage external PR resources, primarily an agency or freelance consultant.

When examining these resources, here are a few things to consider:

1) The recession has created a “buyers” environment for both agencies and consultants.

2) Because agencies will often low rates, keep an eye out for the bait/switch- providing senior level folks at presentation time, then staffing with junior level employees.

3) Consider Pay-for-performance versus hourly or monthly retainer.  The market is quickly moving to this model for media placements, client success stories, speeches, etc.

4) Due your homework for either choice.  LinkedIn has become a valuable resource to review current clients and recent portfolio.

5) Set concrete objectives based on Sales/Marketing campaigns.  PR objectives should be tied directly to specific messages/target audiences based on current campaigns.

These external relationships can be very fruitful if handled correctly to create long term success for both parties.