PR Notes- Event Day; Where is Media?

Another perspective for those of us who believe an event without media is not really an event at all.  Consider this scenario as a positive PR/Marketing campaign.  Your organization creates an event targeted towards staff, volunteers and the general public.  You select a high profile venue in the heart of downtown.  Someone creates a clever message that includes a Call-to-Action.  Your PR person goes to work to post daily social media updates and touch points for local media.  The spokesperson is asked to appear for a live on-air interview for a leading TV morning news show.  The day of the event all of the assignment editors for the TV and radio stations are considering your story.  The staff and volunteer set up and are energized by the Call-to-Action.  A photographer from the local major metro newspaper takes lots of pictures.  No other media attends.  I would suggest that for a majority of small organizations, this is a great outcome regardless of the lack of media.  These days news is created and disseminated to target audiences independent of media coverage.  Those companies who take the lead to create and share news on a regular basis will reap the benefits versus waiting for the media to become interested.  All-in-all, I consider the event noted above a success.