PR Notes- Creating a Social Media PR Plan

It’s easy to restrict Social Media strategy and content exclusively to  company products and services.  In my opinion, this is a missed opportunity to create a niche community where all important players in the industry gain and share information.  Think about this scenario;  Your company provides a software platform to enable mobile sales forces to close sales and submit orders more efficiently.  The real key audience is the front line sales folks in the field.  However, the chain continues to include C-level IT management/analysts, vendors, high profile companies etc.  These players are not seeking marketing based content.  They seek an objective credible online source(s) to keep abreast of the latest trends, best practices, thought leadership, company success stories, etc.  Players want to hear from credible sources that they can relate too- their fellow colleagues.  You can utilize this type of content from relevant sources to recruit engaged followers on Twitter, FB and Linkedin.  A successful Social Media Strategy focused on the industry and how your company is helping to lead the future can also help achieve broader sales and marketing objectives.