PR Notes- Competition Among Non-Profit’s Requires PR Campaign Leading Up to Major Events

Citizens of King County are fortunate to have some eight thousand quality Non-Profit organizations doing amazing work on behalf of diverse causes such as eliminating malaria in Africa to ending homelessness to provide lifesaving services to those living with HIV/AIDS. For PR/Marketing and Business Development professionals, the pressure is greater than ever to remain “top-of-mind” with a clear mission and call-to-action for your key audiences.  As I mentioned to a colleague holding a major donor breakfast next year, these events now occur on almost a weekly basis.

I recommend the interested parties above create a PR/Marketing Plan at least 2-3 months prior to the event.  In my opinion, the number one priority is to identify a primary focus.  What will be the call-to-action that separates you from the pack to inspire audiences to participate?  How can you place a stake in the ground relating to a trending topic such as Veterans services, HealthCare Reform and social safety net programs?

Once final, the next step is to create collateral and begin outreach campaigns with key audiences, including influencer’s and media.  This strategy will help create the needed “buzz” leading up to a major event.

The biggest mistake would be to assume that you’re key supporters will continue to champion causes based on prior history and success.  Be proactive.  Get in front of the pack, carve out your niche and initiate a multi-faceted campaign sooner rather than later.