PR Notes- Compelling Content Without Sales Pitch

I’ve been impressed with the PR strategy of a client seeking to leverage their history and expertise with content minus the usual “product schtick.” Instead of constantly plugging her learning-to-drive services, the objective is to provide broad based and useful information to the largest audiences.

Regarding services for kids with learning and physical disabilities, the traditional method is to hype the value of the company.  In this case, the goal is to create content that helps friends and family better understand the specific challenges associated with not only learning to drive but dealing with “fellow” drivers.

In another case, profiling the challenges faced by immigrants who might have or not learned to drive in their country and then moved here for work.  Often times these folks need to “relearn” to drive in the U.S.

The strategy is successful for two reasons.  The content helps to brand the company without the usual over-hyped marketing verbiage. Equally important, the messages can resonate with family and friends who know folks in these situations that can result in prospects and new business.

The next time you are asked to create PR content, consider this angle.  Challenge you and your company to buck the trend for hype to become a trusted information source for your industry-at- large.