PR Notes- Brand Strategy/Engagement Review

A friend of mine is preparing to integrate a product component into his online community geared toward self improvement.  It’s a good time to conduct a Brand Strategy/Engagement Review.  The review starts with a short list of questions to gauge at a high- level your current brand message, target audience and opportunities for engagement.  You may surprised by the results.  Take a few minutes to answer the questions below.  To cast a wider net, send these questions to your management team as well.

1) What is the current brand message and target audience?

2) Do you currently create brand message content and post to website and social media pages?

3) How do you currently compel target audience engagement?

4) When was the last time you created an executed a measureable marketing/pr campaign?

5) Have you ever worked with outside PR/Marketing resources?

Once completed, be honest regarding the results.  If you and the management team are unclear, imagine how clients and prospects feel about the brand.

Consider this exercise the next time you plan to launch an upgrade or new product or service.  Maximum the chance that your brand rises to the top of your industry and provides easy engagement to clients and prospects.