PR Notes- Be a Story Teller; Not a Story Maker

Be a story teller; not a story maker. What does that mean? Often times PR folks spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to create the perfect story. Based on experience, I’ve learned a simple but very valuable and successful lesson; the benefactors of your products and/or services are the real story makers.

For example, while serving as the media relations’ lead for the 25th Anniversary AIDS Walk. I immediately began to identify the story makers. Patrick Green, a 25 year client of the Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and benefactor of access to basic and life saving support services. Patrick has an incredible perspective on the anniversary and reasons why he says Seattle is one of the best places to live for people infected and/or living with HIV/AIDS.

At least two reporters are interested to share his story. Another story maker is the ASPEN students at Newport High School in the Bellevue School District. Trained to teach HIV/STD prevention to their peers, the Walk Team has already raised $16,000 and counting.

Instead of gobbly gook messages and endless numbers that make editors roll their eyes and hit “delete”, Patrick and ASPEN are real life examples of the value of AIDS support services in our area. Reach out to your story makers…be a story teller.