PR Notes- 100 Million Twitter Users Does Not Always Include Your Audience

Hopefully you are sitting down.  Ready?  Lots of cities in the U.S. do not have access to broadband Internet.  Millions of people still access the Internet via Dial-up.  You’re target audience may not know how to use Twitter.  Shocking, but true.  PR folks can create and execute the greatest Social Media campaign on record and if the audience does not even know how to create an account ROI will be neglible.

To illustrate, let’s examine a recent client.  The audience is medical professionals attending the largest annual conference nationwide.  An excellent opportunity to network and talk shop regarding the latest developments in their profession.  With more than 1,000 folks expected to attend, face-to-face time will be limited.  Enter Twitter.  The ideal communication tool to share information real-time before, during and post conference.  Challenge- the current Twitter feed for the organizing association is virtually ‘tweet free.”

Answer- An email blast Call-to-Action to “Join the Conversation” followed by 5 Easy Steps to Twitter:
1) Start- Go to To create a Twitter account, all you need is a username, email address and password.
2) More Information- Add your bio and photo. (Optional)
3) Follow XXX- Type username- XXX in the search box. Click Follow.
4) Start Tweeting!- Engage your peers before, during and post conference.
5) Protect Your Tweets- Protected tweets require manual approval of everyone who wants to follow you. Only approved followers can view your account.

Happy Tweeting!  It’s an important reminder that your target audience and media do not always know that you think they know:)