PR Lists Can Open Media Doors

Today’s media environment requires a diverse content strategy to build editorial relationships and secure coverage.  It’s vital to create entry points to introduce timely topics, products and services to help publications fill space in a creative manner.

Recently I began to work with a expert in social engineering computer hack attacks.  His theory is that despite spending millions of dollars annually, many Fortune 500 companies appear to be failing at preventing computer hacking attacks because security is not personal to employees or corporations.

We have created a Top 5 List to introduce both his book and related security awareness services for C-level execs/employees:

Top 5 Tips to Help Employees Prevent Computer Hack Attacks

This list is targeted toward the C-level execs in charge of computer and network security.  We can pitch to key computer, security and business publications to gain the attention of CIOs, CSOs and CTOs.  In addition, the list can also be pitched to key consumer/tech magazines to capture mind share from the employees themselves.

The objective is to provide creative content for editors, build long-term relationships and open a content pipeline to secure placements.