Mini PR Campaigns

It’s easy to get carried away when thinking about how public relations can improve the bottom line.  After all, there are so many products and services to crow about:)  How can you get started without being overwhelmed?  Creating mini-PR campaigns focused on current sales and marketing initiatives can be a good place to start.  Ask yourself what is the primary sales objective for the upcoming quarter?  For example, almost all of us are thinking about the priorties for Q1 2011.  A mini-PR campaign can create the third party support needed to give an extra boost.  The best way to ensure success is to remain focused on a specific objective based on an upcoming launch or sales cycle.  You need a short term strategy that compliments sales objectives and targets a specific audience and their information sources.  Thomas Center can help.  Ask yourself how much easier it could be to achieve quarterly sales objectives if you had customer and media evangelists touting the benefits of your products and services?