Millennium Motors and Thomas Center Reach Brand Connection Milestone; 5,000 FaceBook Friends

Social Media campaign tied to increased web traffic and sales despite industry pressures

Millennium Motors owner Robert Beck surrounds himself with type A friends and colleagues.  A good friend referred him to Thomas Center in 2009.  Robert wanted to dive into Social Media to expand his internet brand.  As a result of their collaboration, Millennium Motors has already connected with 5,000 friends on FaceBook and Twitter.  In addition, website traffic is up and March was their best sales month in two years.

“The online campaign has been very successful,” said Robert.  “We are well on our way to reaching the goal of 10,000 social media contacts.  The return on investment is directly related to our dual marketing objectives to increase awareness and sales.  The metrics tell the story.  We’re up in both categories.”

Millennium Motors customer Linda Foster calls the business a Mecca for the best selection of lifted trucks and related services in the region.  “Robert and his team go all out to find the special trucks.  What’s amazing is the fact that no two trucks on the lot are the same, ” she said.

Thomas Center began to collaborate with Robert and his team in 2009.  The effort has been 100 percent focused on social media to increase communication with target customers.  The campaign features a newly redesigned website, dynamic social media pages and a rapidly growing database for email marketing.

“Our work over the last two years has been 100 percent focused on ramping up social media to connect to target customers like Linda,” said Tom Rose, CEO, Thomas Center Business and Management Consulting.  “I’m very excited for Millennium to communicate with thousands of current and potential customers on a regular basis without the typical costs associated with online marketing.”

Robert operates his business with high expectations and the need to see consistent growth measured monthly.  “He is a great fit for Thomas Center because of his willingness to invest in the brand,  to challenge his entire team to take their game to the next level and to measure true results,” Tom said.

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