Marketing Consultant Woodinville

Here is a quick role overview of the marketing consultant. At THOMAS CENTER we follow a basic outline:

1. Niche: What specific market are you going to serve: Example Trucks or Lifted Trucks or Diesel Trucks. The more narrow and specific the better.

2. Target Market/Buyer Persona’s: For example for lifted Trucks: Single Males age 19-35  with an income range of $38 to $60K

3. Differentiation/What makes you special: Customer Service/Inventory Quality/Variety: Pick one and run with it, just make sure it’s the truth.

4. Brand Promises: Tied to what makes you special and can be included in your tagline. We promise great customer service etc.

5. Tagline: A statement that will accompany your name and logo that speaks to what makes you special or your promise or both.

6. Name and Logo: A graphic representation of the brand that is attractive to your niche and buyer persona’s.

7. Marketing Methods Selection: What marketing activities chosen to bring awareness to the brand

8. Marketing Method Strategy: For example Social Media: What do we expect it to do and how will we use it in order to achieve that result.

9. Marketing Method Execution: Once the selection and strategy has been completed and defined its time to act (launch).

The overall process is to determine what need is the brand going to fulfill, who is the buyer/decision maker, how are we going to make them aware of the brand and what are we going to communicate (message) about the brand.

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