LSF Structures Plays Integral Role to Build Metro 112 Apartments- One of Tallest Load-Bearing Steel Stud Structures

(Redmond, WA) October 29, 2010—The Metro 112 apartments , in downtown Bellevue, epitomizes not just the finest in urban living but also sets the standards to design and build load- bearing steel stud structures. Metro 112 is one of the tallest load-bearing steel structures based on its seismic requirements at 9 stories in height.

LSF Structures is one of the only companies with the experience and knowledge needed to help design and install load- bearing steel stud structures in the form of pan decking and pre-fabricated walls. During the last 10 years owner Al Malcolm has become a recognized leader to help design and build large load- bearing projects.

W.G. Clark Construction is a general contractor and construction manager focused on providing exceptional services for projects in the Pacific Northwest. Their current projects include multiple new student housing projects at the University of Washington and the NeighborCare Rainier Beach Clinic, a new 27,000 sq ft medical/dental building.

“Al has the background and knowledge to work with the project team in the pre-design phase,” said Andrew McIntyre, Project Engineer, W.G. Clark. “It’s important for us to leverage the partners with the most experience in load-bearing steel stud structures to ensure quality.”

LSF Structures is a quality driven Pacific Northwest company specializing in the design assistance and construction of load-bearing steel stud structures to include cold-formed light-gauge steel stud and drywall systems. “This building is significant for its sound control, fire ratings and weather related resistance, “Malcolm said.” Our commitment is to design and install the most simple, most economical solution on time with no issues.”

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