Lifted Trucks Battles of the Sexes…Ciara Harding Versus….Every Male or Female-Owned Truck on the Planet?

Millennium Motors seeking men and women willing to put their Lifted Truck to the test
Monroe, WA- October, 2010—Ciara Harding believes she is the Queen and King of Lifted Trucks in the neighborhoods approximately one hour north and east of Seattle.  She says her 02’ Chevy Crew Cab Lifted Truck is the result of a love affair with trucks that begin at birth.  Thanks to Millennium Motors, she now drives the Lifted Truck of her dreams and says she leaves men and their trucks in the dust.
“What I find even more interesting is that the male species CANNOT believe that I own a huge lifted truck,” says Ciara.  “Everyone I have spoken to does not believe me at first that the truck is mine, they are convinced that is has got to be my boy friend’s; I have even had to offer to show them the title, proof that it is mine.”
Ciara says she has always been a huge truck person, Lifted Trucks in particular, and has never owned a car.  She loves all of the comments from gentleman seeking a picture of her in front of her truck and, moms and their kids excited to see her “Monster Truck!!”  when driving through parking lots.
“Men are the funniest a lot of time, because my truck is always a lot bigger then theirs, “says Ciara.  “I took it out to the dunes in Moses Lake and WAS the biggest truck out there out of like 100, and everyone was impressed that a girl was the one that owned it!”
Ciara still stops by Millennium Motors to check out the latest big monster trucks but for the moment still thinks hers is better.  “I still have some modifications that I want to do to it, but for now, ill keep making men around the state jealous!”
The question remains, “Has Ciara dethroned the men and women as Queen and King of Lifted Trucks?”  Which me and women, if any, have the courage to put their Lifted Trucks to the challenge?   Send your Lifted Truck story along with pictures to Mike Taylor at Millennium Motors at
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