Leverage Strategic PR Content Across All Mediums

Despite being compelled to create content for each PR/marketing medium, our clients have experienced success by utilizing strategic news-based content across key mediums such as website news, electronic newsletters, social media pages and target media placements.

This strategy enables companies to highlight the fact that their product or service provided a successful solution to a business challenge or opportunity on behalf of a high-profile client.  I call this the challenge/opportunity/solution news-based content.  These short stories are well suited for not only client and prospect facing mediums but are also of interest to target media based on market trends.

This allows clients to distribute fewer content pieces which communicate a finite set of key messages.  Its also helps to decrease pressure on limited PR/Marketing resources and budgets.

Utilizing this strategy on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis can result in significant increases in web and social media traffic and media inquiries.