Internal PR Vital Component of Successful Marketing Strategy

Many companies focus all of their marketing and PR efforts toward target audiences that include customers and clients, prospects, vendors and suppliers, investors and media.  This strategy often ignores one of the most important audiences- your employees.

It’s easy to assume that your employees understand the essentials of the company brand- mission statement, core values, solutions provided to challenges and opportunities, key messages, etc.  This is often not the case.  Many of them are consumed with daily deadlines and deliverable’s and can lack time and motivation to keep abreast of the overall strategic goals and developments.

Internal PR can be simple or more sophisticated based on budget and resources.  An easy way to start is a bi-monthly or monthly employee newsletter to highlight the latest product and service news and feature employee profiles.  An employee intranet is a larger investment but ideal for companies with a large workforce.

Devoting some resources to internal PR will prove to be a vital component of your successful sales and marketing strategy.