How Do I Get Started Blogging?

If this is your first time really writing since school, don’t worry, blogging won’t hurt a bit.

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What are you looking at? No one said stop.

Don’t Hesitate

When inspiration strikes you have to write it down. Even if you don’t publish it immediately you can always get back to it later. Get an app like Dragon Dictation to start posts or a tablet or whatever makes it easy for you.

Stay On Topic

Don’t ramble, don’t wander, make your points and get out. Make an outline, it always helps.

Use Descriptive Words

My high school English teacher used try and coax me into being using more elaborate descriptions, which I misinterpreted as being more specific, which always wound up brief, which wasn’t exactly what Miss Phillips was looking for. She even gave me an end of school year award, complete with a pair of plastic scissors, for “Most Likely To Cut Award”. It’s great for Twitter, and I am proud front-runner in the 140 character world, but it’s not great for blogging or showing up in search. You will never know what you don’t rank if you don’t mention it somewhere on your website, so don’t be shy to use some adjectives.


Yeah, I just said to be descriptive, you also need to be cognizant of attention span of your readers, it’s also the soul of wit.

Use Style

This one takes time and practice, and over time your writing reflects more of your personality. Being boring is a horrible burden, people love different, so be yourself, everyone else is taken. This is probably a good time to mention using images, italics, and emphasis. Clever fomatting and judicious use of whitespace help make your jumble of words readable. They also draw they eye of users and search engines also pay a little more attention when they have a <strong> or a <em>.

Provacative Title

I almost used clever title, but you want to provoke your audience and get them to respond to you: click the link, read the story, buy the book, profit. You can work on titles on your social media posts also, they are really key to getting reader to interact with your post. Sometimes when you write down a title it doesn’t make as much sense as when it was the only words on the screen. Don’t get stuck on a title, come back to it. It can be helpful to write your conclusion first, have it at the top of the page and then strengthen and wrap up your argument and move it to the end of your post. Then write your title.

Step 2: ???

If you want to get started blogging you have to start writing. Writing has its own inertia, it’s tough to get started, but once you get going it’s harder to stop. Writing is no different than other skill, it takes time to get good and develop your own style. You aren’t going to be a great writer after one post, so stay after it if you want to be good at it and really develop a style that engages readers and establishes your credibility. You need to write and post frequently to keep your audience warm, you cannot keep posting the homepage to Facebook, it doesn’t help.

And don’t forget to have fun doing it, if it’s not interesting to you it’s not likely to be interesting to anyone else. So don’t let your blog die a slow and boring death, make it interesting and focus on bring value to your readers, help them.

All good stories start with a problem, this one started with you, not blogging. So build me a bridge out of blog posts and get over it already.

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