Genesee brochure design reference

The following are concepts for the look of the brochure, and general design directions for the possible future of the Genesee brand image.


Industry Standard:

This first concept is basically a continuation of the current brand image. It is simple, to-the-point, and re-enforces the brand image that is currently associated with Genesee.




This next concept is a vintage throwback, emphasizing Genesees’ history and dedication to core values. We combine these themes with simple graphics to produce a local, hometown vibe but with a modern sense of design and execution.



Modern Minimalism:

The final concept emphasizes the Genesee brand moving foreword. The emphasis here is on simple, clean graphics with minimal clutter and high attention to detail. These elements re-enforce Genesees’ commitment to efficiency and hassle-free client-customer relations.



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